Designing Student Research Experiences in the Health Sciences Teacher Support Page

This page contains resources for teachers who have participated in Montshire Museum's "Designing Student Research Experiences it the Health Sciences summer institutes. These summer institutes support the Museum's Connecting Classrooms and Community in the Health Sciences. This project is funded by the National Institutes of Health's Science Education Partnership Award program (SEPA). These resources include background information for science and health education professionals, curriculum materials designed for students in grades 5-8, and copies of workshop presentations.

Teacher Guide - Investigations in Nutrition, Diet, and Activity

Student Worksheets - Investigations in Nutrition, Diet, and Activity

Developing Student Research Questions Presentation

Developing Student Research Questions Presentaiton Outline

Example Student Research Questions

Obesity Trends Maps Presentation

USDA Caloric Needs & Daily Portions Handouts

USDA Mixed Dishes Calorie Content

USDA Food for a Day Picture

Lesson 5 - What Does 200 Calories Feel Like

Lesson 5 - What Does 200 Calories Feel Like? Calorie amounts

Lesson 5 - What Does 200 Calories Feel Like (Blank)

The Choices We Make - Teacher Guide (Draft)

The Choices We Make - Social Ecological Model Student Handout

The Choices We Make - Health Outcomes Student Handout

Social Ecological Model - Cece Gaffney Presentation

24-Hour Food Log Worksheet

The Choices We Make - Bias Example Projection

Obesity Presentation_Longacre


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