Quinn Nature Preserve Replanting Project

A project to remove exotic invasives in a riparian area and to replace them with a diverse selection of native species

We recently completed a multi-year project to replace exotic invasive plants in the riparian area adjacent to the Quinn Meadow with native plant species. We began the project by removing the dense thickets of invasive plant species. Non-native plants that degrade the native environment are called invasive exotic plant species, or just invasives.

In May 2013, we replanted the area with almost 200 native shrubs and trees to prevent the invasive species from re-establishing in this riparian area. The native plants include elderberry, gray dogwood, and yellow birch, among many others. These plants will support native insects and birds, and will contribute to the overall plant diversity of the Montshire landscape.

This project was made possible in part by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and a grant from the Wellborn Ecology Fund.


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