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Dinosaurs create more excitement than any other type of visiting exhibition

October 1, 2009
For Immediate Release

Dinosaurs create more excitement at the Montshire Museum of Science than any other type of visiting exhibition.

NORWICH, Vt.--From October 1, 2009 to January 3, 2010 the Montshire is hosting Dinosaur Days, featuring two dinosaur exhibitions on display at once! This will be the Museum’s largest exhibition event—the perfect way to celebrate the Montshire’s 20th year in its Norwich, Vermont location.

Imagine being a living, breathing dinosaur. Visitors to the Montshire Museum will be able to experience some of the greatest mysteries of paleontology in a completely interactive way. Designed with the assistance of world-renowned paleontologists, Be the Dinosaur: Life in the Cretaceous brings dinosaurs alive through the magic of interactive digital simulation, the same technology behind countless animated films. Only this time you're not in the audience—you are the star of the show! The exhibition’s sophisticated computer simulation recreates an extinct ecosystem and provides an opportunity for visitors to inhabit this virtual world and be a living, breathing dinosaur.

During Dinosaur Days, Montshire visitors will also have the opportunity to see a full- size skeleton of an adult rearing Jobaria towering 33 feet over the Museum’s main exhibit gallery and an African pterosaur soaring overhead—the most complete pterosaur skeleton ever unearthed from the African continent. GIANTS: African Dinosaurs showcases the African finds of world-renowned paleontologist Dr. Paul Sereno and brings to life some of the most important dinosaur discoveries of the last decade. Towering dinosaur skeletons, touchable fossils, and life-sized flesh models will transform the Museum’s exhibit galleries. GIANTS: African Dinosaurs, created by Project Exploration, is the first public exhibition of its kind featuring Africa's lost dinosaur world.

Experience it all at the Montshire.

Photos for GIANTS: African Dinosaurs 118.jpg
Photo credit: Project Exploration
Caption: Carcharodontosaurus – “Shark-Toothed Reptile” Africa’s answer to T-rex
Age: 90 million years old
Length: 27 feet
Origin: Morocco HeadinMouth_030804.jpg
Photo credit: Project Exploration
Caption: Pterosaur – “Winged Reptile” Fish-eater with 16-foot wingspan
Age: 110 million years old
Origin: Niger
Photo credit: Project Exploration
Caption: Deltadromeus – “Delta Runner” Fastest large predator that ever lived
Age: 90 million years old
Height: 8 feet
Length: 25 feet
Origin: Morocco

Photos for Be the DinosaurTM
Photo credit: Eureka Exhibits
Caption: Be the Dinosaur
Photo credit: Eureka Exhibits
Caption: Be the Dinosaur
Photo credit: Eureka Exhibits
Caption: Be the Dinosaur

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