Montshire Profile

Stephen Lawe, June 2013

How are you connected to the Montshire? 
Both professionally and personally. As the CEO of Resource Systems Group (RSG) I am proud to say that we are part of the Montshire Corporate Associates and hold most of our company functions at the Montshire. Personally our family has visited the Montshire for years. In fact, as a native of the Upper Valley, I first visited the Montshire in the 1970s when it was in the old bowling alley in New Hampshire. And now that I take my two children regularly, we can legitimately claim to be second generation Montshireans.

Why do you choose to be involved?
I’m always amazed at how far the Montshire reputation extends. It is quite common for people who I meet around the country to tell me that their fondest memories of their Upper Valley visit were at the Montshire. Supporting and being part of that tradition is an honor.

What do you think of the Montshire Corporate Associates?
It is a wonderful opportunity to hear lectures, interact with other Upper Valley business professionals, and provide a chance for our entire staff to experience what the Montshire has to offer.

What is your favorite Montshire experience?
Watching a group of RSG professionals, all with advanced degrees, debate the scientific premise behind one of the Montshire exhibits. The discussion continued sporadically for days.

What do you wish everyone knew about the Museum?
The wide array of indoor and outdoor opportunities both organized and self-guided.

Is there one word you would use to describe the Museum?

What do you find most rewarding about visiting the Montshire?
When we bring our kids we are always surprised how quickly the time goes by. It is common for them to rush in the door and settle into the first exhibit they see. Half an hour later we tear them away with the “there is so much else to do” statement only to find them ensconced in the neighboring exhibit. Like all parents, it’s a joy to watch them interact and learn.

What do you think the Montshire will be like in ten years?
The Montshire seems to strike a nice balance between hands-on experiences and interactive technology. I hope that this continues even as our society trends towards automation. I imagine the Montshire striving to describe some of the fundamental concepts behind the driving forces impacting our lives. Whether it is global climate change, how we will generate energy, how massive amounts of information is collected and used, how driverless cars work, how education is evolving, health care, etc. Regardless, I look forward to it.

Which other museums do you enjoy visiting?
We have enjoyed the Strong Museum in Rochester, NY; the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago; the Royal Air Force Museum outside London; and the Churchill War Rooms (Imperial War Museums in London - which is worth seeing).


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