Montshire Profile

Keri Craft, April 2011

How are you connected to the Montshire?
I have been involved, as a volunteer, with the auction for the past four years.

Can you describe you role in more detail?
As co-chair of the Auction, I work with a fantastic Steering Committee to create THE celebration of the spring season to benefit Montshire education programs in Vermont and New Hampshire.

What is your favorite exhibit?
Ever since my children were very young I have loved the live fish, frog and turtle exhibits on the main floor!

What do you wish everyone knew about the Museum?
We are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing resource in this community.

Is there one word you would use to describe the Museum?

When was the first time you came to the Montshire?
I probably first visited the museum in the spring of 2000 when my first daughter was just an infant.

What do you wish we could do that we aren't doing now?
Wow, I can't think of anything the museum could be doing differently.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering/working at the Montshire?
I truly enjoy both the Montshire staff and the volunteers who work together to put on the auction each year. It is these people who make the event the success it continues to be year after year.

How long have you volunteered at the Museum?
I have volunteered for about 5 years and I have been visiting the museum for nearly 11 years!

What is the best kept secret at the Montshire?
I think the summer camps are really special. The counselors are great, and the kids learn so many great things about science, nature and themselves.

What is your favorite Montshire story to tell?
A couple years ago Michelle Kersey and I went to pick up the infamous Pig and Wolf for their display in the silent auction. We safely loaded them into my car, as they are much heavier than they appear; but when we went to unload them at the museum the Pig lost his feet! Fortunately, the museum repair shop went straight to work and had Pig up and ready for his appearance on Auction night. I was definitely in a state of panic at the idea that I had somehow compromised the ever-present Pig!


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