Montshire Profile

Bob Rosenblum, August 2011

Bob Rosenblum How are you connected to the Montshire?
I'm a Museum trustee—currently the chair of the board—a long-time volunteer, and a huge fan of the Montshire.

Can you describe you role in more detail?
For 27 years, I have served the Montshire on lots of different committees, most often trying to develop and support financial plans that allow the Museum to achieve its mission. I've helped with cash planning during the early years so we could meet payroll and initiate long-term projects. And as Montshire has expanded, we all worked together toward a financial model that allows the Museum to grow without incurring debt. Working with key people on projects such as the new pavilion is one of my favorite aspects of my job.

What is your favorite exhibit?
The Dynamic Globe—the electronic globe fed by NASA data.

What do you wish everyone knew about the Museum?
There are many new programs that appeal to a broad range of interests and ages.

Is there one word you would use to describe the Museum? Evolving.

When was the first time you came to the Montshire?
It was 1984, when the Museum was in the old bowling alley in Hanover.

What do you wish we could do that we aren't doing now?
I would like to see us better leverage the success of the Museum/School Partnership Program to a broader audience across the region. It is exciting that we’re adding two new schools this year.

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering at the Montshire?
Working with incredibly talented and engaged staff and volunteers.

How long have you volunteered at the Museum?
Since I first came to the Museum. I've been on a committee or the board since then.

What is the best kept secret at the Montshire?
The Zen-like feeling you get when visiting the Woodland Garden, especially sitting on Joan's bench next to the stream.

What is your favorite Montshire story to tell?
For me, the sense of pride and vision that began with the founders of the Museum and has continued to inspire the current trustees. Listening to the speeches during the Founders Celebration last summer and talking with people who feel a deep commitment to the stewardship of the Museum really affirmed our collective desire to leave a lasting legacy in science education at the Museum.


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